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Web Accessibility Matters

In the USA alone, multiple small businesses are on the receiving end of demand letters and resultant lawsuits about how their website is not accessible on a daily basis. These lawsuits cost small businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements. In today's world, your website is considered a public place, meaning that it needs to be accessible as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act - known more commonly as the ADA.

For a website to be accessible, means that it's usable by disabled individuals. Your website needs to be built and designed to be easy for disabled people to navigate, use, access, and understand its content.

How Website Accessibility Benefits You

The Legalities

You may be familiar with the ADA- or the Americans with Disabilities Act - which is an American civil rights law that was passed in 1990. What you need to know is that it prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities in all areas of public life - which includes jobs, schools, transportation, and any location open to the general public.

Since 2018, the ADA also includes covering websites; a given, since they are considered public places. Thus, from a legal standpoint, your website must be accessible to those with disabilities to avoid the potential costs of legal complaints and demand letters as a result of not complying with the ADA.

For more information on the ADA, why it matters, and web accessibility requirements, please visit the ADA website.

Improves Your Website's Performance

If your website is accessible, then that means that more people will visit, while fewer people will leave quickly. You will also notice that your website ranks higher in search results, and a wider range of people are interested in your offerings.

In short: an accessible website makes it easier for people to find you in the digital landscape.

Expands Your Customer Base

By making your website accessible to those with disabilities, around 15% of the world's population who are disabled can use your website. What this means for you is that a larger portion of the world population can visit your site, enjoy a good experience, and, potentially, make a purchase.

Improves Your Brand's Reputation

When it comes to the reputation of your brand, web accessibility is important. It is also part of your social responsibility as a business. By implementing a solution to the question of accessibility, you make a statement of where your business stands on the issue. That can say a lot about your brand.

Why Choose FLOW5 Accessibility?

Ultimately, becoming ADA compliant is not optional; it's a requirement in today's heavily digitized, online environment. There is a tax credit available for meeting the requirements set forward by the ADA: Eligible small businesses are able to utilize Form 8826 to claim the disabled access credit. Remember: Successful lawsuits are settled daily for website accessibility; you don't want your business to be the one settling such a suit.

However, you can get yourself ahead of the crowd by making your website accessible and meet the ADA's requirements. With FLOW5 Accessibility, you can automate the entire process of making your website accessible and keep it accessible and up-to-date.

FLOW5 Accessibility works by utilizing an accessibility interface and an Al-powered process. The accessibility interface handles your website's UI and other, design-related adjustments; while the Al-powered process handles more complex requirements - including optimization for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

litigation support package

Included with FLOW5 Accessibility is a litigation support package. Although FLOW5 Accessibility will bring your website up-to-date in terms of accessibility support, there is still a chance that a lawsuit might be filed; after all, a claim can be made for any reason someone sees fit. An accessibility statement and monthly audit reports should be more than enough to halt any claim from making progress.

FLOW5 Accessibility provides a Litigation Support Package. What this includes is the following:

  • Two separate, independent third-party audits.

  • Suggested responses for all possible case scenarios.

  • Documentation and testing, which includes line-by-line assessments and responses to each and every accessibility complaint received.

  • Continuing support.

Get FLOW5 Accessibility Today!

It takes less than 3 minutes to get started with FLOW5 Accessibility: Simply complete your purchase, and we will get you up and running, and fully integrate it to your website for you. This is a completely done for you service.

The core question remains: Do you want to remain legally compliant? Get you and your business protected from potential accessibility lawsuits with FLOW5 Accessibility today.

Pricing & Plans


  • 990 per year (2 months complimentary)

  • Complimentary set up and integration

  • Includes Litigation Support Package


  • 99 per month

  • Complimentary set up and integration

  • Includes Litigation Support Package

Free with 5FLOW Annual

  • Get ADA Compliance free with 5FLOW annual

  • Complimentary set up and integration

  • Includes Litigation Support Package

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